AMP Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio

AMP Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio

Platinum and palladium will return to the biggest shortages in at least a decade this year as strikes and safety stoppages in South Africa and falling sales from Russia cut supplies, Johnson Matthey Plc (JMAT) said.

About Jack A. Bass
Jack A. Bass B.A. LL.B is one of Canada’s foremost economists and forecast the dramatic rise in the price of gold and the fall in natural gas prices.

Now he is forecasting an astounding rise in the stock market even as he warns of the fallout from Obama Economics. “Obama Economics threaten all markets as the influence of runaway printing presses will turn on its creators – The White House and Wall Street – and then on the folks on Main Street. We can only rely on ourselves to prepare for the turns in economic cycles”.

Jacks’ education includes degrees in Economics and Law. He has completed (graduating at the top of his class) the securities course as part of a large American retail broker. His public service work includes the roles as government advisor to Native Indian bands as well as being the administrator to one of the largest First Nations in British Columbia Canada. He has also served as the Executive Director for non-profits seeking to develop downtown business/retail cores and for community organizations lending to high-risk business start-ups.

Jack A. Bass books published by Collier Macmillan include :
“How To Make Real Money In Real Estate” and “How to Send Your Money Out To Work”.

As part of his stock market analysis he has also written “The Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio” ( an e-book ) and “ Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio ( print) – both are available now from


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  1. Swing Trader says:

    Jack, Very interested on your take of whats to come with the global economy? i have definitely been researching gold and silver as well as gold and silver stocks. My trading coach, Jason Bond, says that gold is getting ready for yet another run this year. We recently capitalized on NUGT for a decent return. He has a very simple yet interesting strategy, you should check it out:

    I’ve actually been trading so well my wife has recently started to mirror my trades

    Anyway, cant wait to hear back about your thoughts on gold and silver and the current economic condition

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