Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

For thousands of years, physical silver has been used as money or currency. In more recent times with the advent of fiat currencies, such as the U.S. Dollar or the Euro, Silver has been seen as an investment that provides safety in challenging economic times, and as a hedge against inflation. There are three reasons Physical Silver has become such an in demand investment vehicle:

  1. Historical performance:  It is a fact, that over the past 10 years alone, Physical Silver prices have shown a gross return of 648%. Other historically popular investment vehicles for example the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 have returned not even 33% as much as Silver. If you look closely at these numbers, it only makes sense that investors once exposed to these numbers immediately diversify into Physical Silver.
  2. Supply and Demand: Most experts agree t hat the supply of Physical Silver is less than 10 years. The US Geological Society recently released a report stating that Silver would be the first element to go extinct on the periodic table. They predicted that Silver would be extinct from the planet by the year 2020.  Demand meanwhile, is at an all time high and continues to skyrocket globally each year. Silver happens to be the best conductor of electricity on the planet which has resulted in it being the top choice for use in every laptop, smart phone, medical device, automobile, basically any and every single product on the planet that needs to conduct electricity in order to function properly. So the more technologically advanced we get as a society, both here and abroad, the higher the demand for Physical Silver.
  3. Monetary: Physical Silver is seen as a refuge or Safe haven form currencies in times of economic turmoil. As a result, in recent times Silver prices have started to skyrocket as the global economy shows continues signs of weakness. Combines this flight to safety reaction with the record high industrial demand for Silver at a moment in time when there is less than 10 years supply left on the planet, and you have the makings of a hyperbolic move in pricing once the supply runs out.

This scenario is so real, that we have recently seen the largest Billionaire investors exiting their Dollar and Euro based assets and a move into Physical Silver at a record rate calling Silver “The Investment of the decade!” But they are not alone. The world’s largest Central Banks and Economies including India, China and Russia have increased their Demand for Physical Silver by well over 400% in the past 1 year alone.

When one looks at the historical performance of Physical Silver, coupled with the Supply and Demand scenario and the Actions of the Ultra Rich in a sudden flight to safety, it only begs to question what do they all see coming that the general investing public is not yet aware of? What do they know that we do not yet know because their actions are certainly showing us that something of significant financial impact is on the horizon at may be at our door steps much sooner than we thing.

It seems only prudent for investors to take massive and immediate action now and diversify into Physical Silver before whatever financial storm the elite see coming arrives on our shores. For a Free Report on how you can diversify into Physical Silver to position yourself for what should be one of the largest price gains of your life time while protecting your assets at the same time visit:

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