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Gary Investing Blog

Seeking to provide stock trading strategies based on Technical Analysis.

I am a private trader using technical analysis in stock-picking. I am a candidate of CFA Program, used to work in an investment bank boutique on Wall Street. I started this blog targeting to share my thoughts on stock trading as well as some risk management ideas. Should you have any particular stocks you wish me to analyze, please leave a comment. 


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  1. rajeev says:

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  2. j sargent says:

    BDLF if you could. I see the captains of rip off bloaters Darth Trader marked this one for a kill on their faithful newsletter sheep and it worked. I wanted to know if you think this will recover as the company looks good on a first glance.


  3. kedar says:

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  4. Swing Trader says:

    @jsargent. Be Very Careful With This Stock. While it may recover, these plays are extremely risky. I’ve been trading with a coach, Jason Bond, for about 2 ½ months now. My recent trades (and I’m fairly new to trading)- 1/14/13 – MCP $1,803. 1/11/13 – ZNGA $2,078. 1/9/13 – NUGT $2,905. 1/4/13 – GEVO $1,779. 12/24/12 – LF $778. Great personal service, filled with great people. I can’t say enough about the character of these folks. Very excited to be a part of the team. Check it out:

  5. Leonard says:

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