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Trading Blog

Help and advice for traders new and experienced to help improve profitability from the markets.

There are a huge amount of markets you can trade. And a huge amount of different indicators you can use. And all on different time frames. This blog is not about showing you the holy grail about what indicators to use and when. You have to find your own way in this game, and trade how it suits you. What these articles will do is teach you what matters. Give you the tools in order to find your own way. Nothing will be sold to you, no subscriptions, just free information to help guide you. With perseverance, time and hard work you will stand a good chance of success if you embrace what you learn. 




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  2. Swing Trader says:

    If anyone here is a new or a seasoned investor looking for a very simple yet extremely effective trading community, I have had an online trading coach, Jason Bond, for about 2 ½ months now. My recent trades (and I’m fairly new to trading)- 1/14/13 – MCP $1,803. 1/11/13 – ZNGA $2,078. 1/9/13 – NUGT $2,905. 1/4/13 – GEVO $1,779. 12/24/12 – LF $778. Great personal service, filled with great people. I can’t say enough about the character of these folks. Very excited to be a part of the team. Check it out:

    I’ve been trading so well my wife has recently started to mirror my trades

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